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Jewels Blitz 5 is a matching game in which you have to line up three or more of the same gems to clear each puzzle. Set out on a journey through the Mayan city hidden in the jungle and collect gems, golden masks, and other treasures along the way.

How do you play Jewels Blitz 5?
In this bejeweled game, you have to make the gems swap places to line up three or more matching ones. To swap gems around, select and drag a gem to one of the adjacent tiles. This will make them switch places, but only if the move results in a valid match-3 combination.

Pop the gems to collect them. Focus on collecting those gems shown in the panel on the left of the board. This panel shows the level objectives, so the gems shown here are the ones you will need to clear in order to complete each match-3 puzzle.

In some levels, the panel will also display other items, such as Mayan masks, ice tiles, banana tree leaves, or magic purple tiles. These are items you must clear by making matches or drop to the bottom of the board by popping the gems below. 

You can score row and column bombs by lining up 4 of the same gems. If you manage to combine 5 identical gems you’ll receive a special color bomb. Match these items with other gems to create explosive combinations. You can also collect four different boosters to clear away gems and special obstacles.

Jewels Blitz 5 Strategy and Tricks - How to Score 3-Stars?
Try to finish each level with the maximum score of three stars. The stars can be used to open the treasure chests you’ll find along the path on the level map. You’ll receive three stars if you fill the meter on the top left side of the board up to the three-star mark.

It’s not always easy to score enough points to fill the meter. However, any moves you have left after fulfilling the level objective will automatically turn into row and column bombs that are then randomly scattered across the board. When the bombs all go off at once, this usually triggers a series of cascades that will hugely boost your score at the end of the round.

Are there more Jewels Blitz games?
Yes, you can also play Jewels Blitz 3 and Jewels Blitz 4. (The two older games in the series are currently not available online anymore.)

When was Jewels Blitz 5 first published?
This game was released on June 7, 2022.

Who made Jewels Blitz 5?
This game was created by the developer SoftGames.
Use your mouse

Jewels Blitz 5 Walkthrough

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