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Candy Rain 6 is a match-3 game with lots of brightly colored gummies and sweets. Line up three or more of the same sugary treats and pop them to remove them from the board. Check out the tasks set for each level and combine the sweets to collect the items you need.

How do you play Candy Rain 6?
No more Candy Land level map in this bejeweled game, just one puzzle after the other! Candy Rain 6 will keep you busy for a while to come, because this game has no less than a truly staggering 1500+ match-3 puzzles to complete!  

The game starts off with a brief tutorial showing you how to swap the sweets around and create candy crush combos. The tutorial will also show you how to generate different types of bombs by matching up four or more identical items in different patterns.

Another great feature of this installment of the Candy Rain series is that you can merge the rainbow mints and other gummy bombs to create lots of amazing blast patterns. Use these mega-bombs to earn a huge number of extra points. The tutorial will show you what each set of combined bombs can do. Give it a go and create epic candy blasts like you’ve never seen before!

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When was Candy Rain 6 first published?
The Candy Rain series has been around since 2014. This installment was first released on May 4, 2021.

Who made Candy Rain 6?
This game was developed by SoftGames and Azerion. They also collaborated on a number of other well-designed puzzle games such as Garden Tales 2, Word Swipe, and Solitaire Story - Tripeaks 3.
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Candy Rain 6 Walkthrough

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