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Rabbids Volcano Panic is a crazy and chaotic survival game. The volcano on Rabbids Island is about to blow! Run across the crumbling platforms and try to stay alive for as long as you can!

How to Play Rabbids Volcano Panic
The simmering volcano at the heart of Rabbids Island suited the character of the hot-headed Rabbids perfectly… until the fire mountain actually started to erupt! Now, it’s complete chaos. All the players must run across the floating tiles and avoid any gaps. If you fall through one platform, you’ll drop to the next layer, and the next, until you finally plunge into the pool of lava bubbling in the crater below. Try to stay in the game for as long as possible!

Stepping on a tile will cause it to crumble. More and more cracks will appear, until the tile finally crumbles away altogether. Make sure you don’t fall through. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to collect crazy items such as hoverboards, springy vines, and the speed-enhancing hot chili peppers of extra fiery flatulence.

Collect coins to unlock character costumes in the shop menu (check the icons in the bar at the bottom of the main menu screen). You can sort through the various tabs and collect costumes to customize your Rabbid. By completing runs and raising your player rank, you can unlock additional game modes.

Who Are the Rabbids?
The Raving Rabbids are rabbit-like creatures with big blue bug-eyes and two enormous front teeth. They first appeared in the Rayman game series as the bad guys. These scheming little gap-toothed bunnies were so popular that they gradually became the main characters of their own series of games and videos.

While the Rabbids are still wild and crazy – and intent on taking over the world! – they no longer star exclusively as the villains. Their leader (or, more accurately, their dictator), Professor Barranco 3, can be recognized by his one red eye and the general’s helmet he sometimes wears. The battle-cry of the Rabbids is “BWAAAH!”
Use your mouse
Use the arrow keys

Rabbids Volcano Panic Walkthrough

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