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Jump, run, and dodge obstacles in the lightning-fast world of Vex Games. Take on the challenge and see how far you can get!

Skill Games

Test your reflexes and speed with our collection of skill games. Every second counts, so make sure you're quick and precise!

Jumping Games

Whether you're jumping over obstacles or avoiding pitfalls, the jumping games on guarantee hours of gameplay fun.

Fun Vex Games

Here are a few fun versions of this game:

  • Vex 3 – Discover new levels, traps, and challenges in this fast-paced platform game.
  • Vex 4 – The adventures continue! Even more challenging levels await you.
  • Vex Challenges – Are you ready for the ultimate test? Try to complete all the challenges!

So, if you're in for some fast action and adventure, try one of the Vex Games on our website and show your agility!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free Vex Games?

  1. Vex Challenges
  2. Vex 8
  3. Vex 7
  4. Vex 3
  5. Vex 4
  6. Vex 6
  7. Vex 2
  8. Vex
  9. Vex 5
  10. Vex 3 xmas

What games would I also enjoy when I like Vex Games?

In case you enjoy Vex Games, you will probably also like:

  1. Skill Games
  2. Jumping Games
  3. Platform Games
  4. Adventure Games
  5. Escape Games

What's the goal of Vex Games?

In Vex Games, you need to overcome obstacles and reach the exit without getting stuck or falling.

Are there enemies in Vex Games?

No, Vex games are mainly about agility and avoiding traps and obstacles.

How do I control the character in Vex Games?

You use the arrow keys or WASD to move, jump, and climb in the game.

Are there any bonuses or power-ups in Vex Games?

In some Vex games, there are stars or other items you can collect for extra points.

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