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Mergest Kingdom is an addicting Match-3 game in which you can build your own kingdom by exploring new lands, merging resources to create new ones, and rescuing new heroes to add to your team.

How do you play Mergest Kingdom?
In this puzzle game, the vast lands of the Mergest Kingdom have been blanketed in a thick fog. All the heroes of the realm are trapped in the mist, and monsters have been able to take over the kingdom. Merge items to build houses, summon heroes, gather soldiers, and collect gold. As you level up, you’ll gradually be able to dispel the fog and unlock more and more of the map.

Merge legendary weapons and collect the most valuable treasures. There are hundreds of items to discover and combine, and the game has an entertaining storyline populated with quirky fantasy characters. In addition, the Mergest Kingdom features lots of seasonal events, bonus levels, and daily quests and rewards.

How to complete quests in Mergest Kingdom?
On the left of the screen, you will see a number of icons, such as the tavern, where you can recruit soldiers, and your quest menu. This tab will show you some quests you can complete to earn extra coins and experience points. Not sure what an item is? Check the spell book icon to view an overview of the different resources you can create and collect.

How to explore new lands in Mergest Kingdom?
Each section piece of land still covered in fog will show lock with a number on it. This is the level you must reach by earning experience points and levelling up. You can see your current level in the top left corner. Once you have reached the required level, the fog will roll away. Collect the soldiers needed to conquer the land and fight the monsters that guard it. Each new piece of land will contain new items to investigate.

Mergest Kingdom – Best Tips and Tricks?
Patience is a virtue: merge more! - Instead of collecting three items to merge, you can also try to collect and combine 5 or more. This will result in not one but two new items, which helps to speed your progress along. Merging 9 items will yield four, and merging 17 items will yield 8.

Plant a Sacred Arboretum – Exhausted crops can be repurposed by converting them into bronze dust and common flowers. Merge common flowers to work toward creating a sacred arboretum, which will provide you with flasks of liquid rainbow.

Merge with Liquid Rainbow – As the game progresses, high-level items will take longer to collect. This is where liquid rainbow comes in. Merge smaller bottles to gather a full flask of liquid rainbow. You can use this item to replace any other item in a merge combination. Get the most out of this wildcard item by using it to replace high-level items.

Explore the Dragon’s Den – Dragon’s Den is a minesweeper game that becomes available once every couple of hours. Play this game to gather extra energy and gems.

Sell leftovers – When you get far into the game, you might find that leftover items from earlier chapters take up too much space. Instead of leaving them lying around, you sell them for coins.

When was Mergest Kingdom published?
Mergest Kingdom was first published on May 28, 2021.

Who made Mergest Kingdom?
This game was developed by Clever Apps Pte. Ltd. This company is also the creator of several other popular games, including Tropical Merge and Kings and Queens Solitaire TriPeaks.
Use your mouse

Mergest Kingdom Walkthrough

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