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Healing Rush is a pseudo-3D arcade game in which you have to deal with the insanely busy job of running a huge hospital. Begin with a small clinic and unlock more beds, rooms, departments, and doctors to help you deal with the endless crowds of patients.

How do you play Healing Rush?
In this hospital, every day is a busy one. Treat patients to earn money in the general clinic. Pick up the patients from the waiting room and bring them to one of the beds. Get the right medication from the dispensary and collect the money your patients pay you once you have cured them.

There are always more patients waiting to be helped, so be sure to invest the profits you make in unlocking new beds and hiring more doctors. You can upgrade your doctors to make them move faster, and upgrade the lab materials to make the machines dispensing the medication more efficient as well.

You can also buy up new parts of the clinic, such as the accidents and emergencies ward, and a virology and bacteriology ward. You can collect keys by opening up new sections of the hospital. By saving up enough keys, you can unlock a number of special features.

When was Healing Rush published?
This game was first released on May 5, 2022.

Who made Healing Rush?
This game was created by the game developer Dats Games.
Use your mouse

Healing Rush Walkthrough

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