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Help Diggy tunnel to the center of the earth in this mining game. Use your drill to dig out ores, dinosaur eggs, and other precious items as you follow Diggy’s dream: to catch the magic truffle hiding near the planet’s core.

How do you play Diggy?
In this collecting game, you’ll find the most valuable ores deep down in the earth. The closer you get to the center of the planet, the more money you’ll earn from what you find there. But digging equipment is expensive, and at first Diggy will only have a cheap battery and a weak drill. You’ll need to upgrade these!

You can use Diggy’s radar by pressing E. This will help you locate and collect metal ores, dinosaur eggs, oil barrels, precious rocks, bones, and other items. Each of these is worth money, and at the end of each dig you can use your earnings to buy all kinds of upgrades. This will allow Diggy to dig deeper, earn more money, and find better treasures.

How do you win the game Diggy?
Diggy’s ultimate goal is to catch the magic truffle, a mysterious mushroom that lives near the core of the earth. To find this truffle, you’ll need the very best mining and drilling equipment, and a powerful radar. That means it’ll take players some time and effort to unlock the best upgrades.

The magic truffle moves quite quickly though! So once you reach the right depth, look for upgrades that will help you slow it down and catch it.

Diggy strategy tips
To progress through the game quickly, look carefully at the description of each upgrade and figure out which ones will benefit you most. Upgrades become more expensive the further you get, and one upgrade might impact the other. For instance, a certain type of drill might be far more powerful, but will drain your batteries very quickly.

You can unlock equipment upgrades, but you can also upgrade the value of the items you find. Only once a piece of equipment is fully upgraded will the next drill, battery, or radar become unblocked (you can already read its description though!). As far as the mineral upgrades go, you will first need to dig up an item before it becomes visible in this upgrade menu.

Release Date
This HTML5 version of Diggy was first released in May 2020, but the original Flash version first appeared online in November 2013.

Who made Diggy?
Diggy was created by Vogd & Assaulter, with the HTML5 update provided by IceStone.
Use your mouse

Diggy Walkthrough

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