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Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak is a crazy 2D adventure game in which you must help the derpy Noob escape a prison cell. You can break out the diamond armor Pro as well. Upgrade their equipment and seek freedom and revenge.

How do you play Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak?
In this challenging physics game, both Noob and Pro have been locked in a dungeon jail cell. Finally, Noob’s infamous love of digging dirt will come in handy. Dig a tunnel to an abandoned mine and use the old mine cart to escape.

The rickety cart won’t get you very far at first, but by destroying crates and zombies along the way, you can earn money to buy upgrades. The same goes for the diamond armor Pro, who needs more powerful weapons and better footwear to make it through the mine.

Once you’ve escaped, you’ll also have to confront the cheater/hacker character who put the two heroes in jail in the first place. First, you must escape the jail with Noob, and then you can try it the Pro way.

What are the best Tips and Tricks for Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak?
Use dynamite to propel yourself forward – TNT explosions can push you back if you hit the crates of dynamite head on. However, if you can leap on top of the crates, you will be launched further into the mine.

Make it to the checkpoints – There are a number of checkpoints. Once you reach one, you will be able to restart the level from there instead of having to return to the start.

Just give in to the craziness of the game – Noob’s mine cart is hard to control and will roll and tumble down the mineshaft in a pretty frenzied way. Just go with it. Somehow, keeling over and toppling down the steps can sometimes get you to the finish faster.

Why Noob vs Pro?
In gaming, noob (or ‘n00b’ and ‘newb’) is a slang term for newbie. It means a new and inexperienced player, and is the opposite of a Pro, someone who is skilled and experienced. In Minecraft culture, people might get called a noob for making pointless or ‘bad’ moves in the game because they lack the experience to know that what they’re doing doesn’t work.

Making fun of noobish behavior isn’t always in bad spirit though. The Noob vs Pro game series celebrates the figure of the noob. Their Noob character is based on the Minecraft Noob skin. This, in turn, is based on Steve, the default skin assigned to new players, but with extra derpy features. Noob has bulging eyes and his movements are enthusiastic but inefficient.

The Pro character is the opposite. He thinks ahead and moves efficiently. He’s got custom diamond armor, and his game progression is focused on enhancing his own attributes. Both can escape from jail, but they each go about their jailbreak in a very different way.

When was Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak published?
This game was first released on April 22, 2022.

Who made Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak?
This game was developed by Noob vs Pro Team. They also created several other funny Minecraft-inspired games, including Noob vs 1000 Zombies!
Use the arrow keys
Space bar

Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak Walkthrough

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